Rare Manawa Earring – Metallic Earring in Medium - Gold

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Inspired by the popular American conversational candy, also known as the “Sweetheart” candy. Mitchell Vincent Collection has created metallic jewellery featuring the heart candy concept in a classic and ready-to-wear design. Each heart shape design features the te reo māori affectionate names “Taku Makau” and “Taku Torere”, which translated into English says “My Darling” “My Beloved”.

  • Each heart shaped pair features a “Taku Makau” & “Taku Torere” earring
  • Mirror finish with vertical or horizontal grain
  • Heart shape design is 3.8cm height, 4cm width
  • 100% Metallic PVC gravograph
  • Stainless Steel Hook Earring with Clear Silicone Stopper
  • Made locally here in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Give to a loved one or wear them for yourself. The heart shaped designs are made with everyone in mind. Only limited numbers and released in minimal amounts to keep the collection exclusive.