Tūhono Capsule Collection

Like the weaving of textiles, our Tūhono Capsule Collection bridges the gaps between cultures, intertwining hearts and minds to create a rich tapestry of shapes, forms, and cultural connections.


Elegantly combining natural colours and syncretism, envisioning the infusion of warm tropical vibes into the southern hemisphere through an innovative approach to styling. 


Inspired by the designer's mesmerizing journey through Southeast Asia, each carefully curated piece seamlessly merges the essence of Aotearoa culture with the allure of Southeast Asian travels. 


The shapes in this collection effortlessly blend loose fits with slimline cuts, gracefully capturing a sense of fluidity and the exhilarating sensation of exploring both aerial and aquatic landscapes while still maintaining the design aesthetic of ready-to-wear fashion. 


With a foundation rooted in event and evening wear, these garments establish a luxurious connection, enhanced by dead-stock satin with matte finishes that tell the tales of ideas that have been thought of from a different land.


Watch the Digital Runway here on our YouTube